Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser - S1 - Tork® - 1L

Package size : 6x1 Litre
  • Sanitises and disinfects
  • Effective against 99.999% of bacteria
  • Ideal for food or medical environments
  • Moisturises skin to prevent dryness
  • S1 - Liquid soap system
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Prevent infections with highly effective leave-on Tork® Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser with 80% denatured alcohol (w/w). Sanitises and disinfects hands quickly. This is our most effective gel sanitiser, specially formulated for frequent use with no sticky build-up. Ideal for healthcare, fulfils even scrub room requirements. Suitable for Tork® Liquid & Spray Soap Dispensers, which are easy to use and provide good hand hygiene to all users.

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Price £49.80
New Brand Tork®
Range S1 - Liquid soap system
Case Size 6x1 Litre Hand Sanitisers
Product Size 1 Litre
Pack Size 6x1 Litre
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