Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser - Spray Cartridge - Jangro - 400ml

Package size : 12x400ml
  • For use after routine hand washing or wherever soap & water are not readily available
  • Comes in an easy to load cartridge for use in cartridge type dispensers
  • Kills bacteria. Passes EN1276 with a 30 second contact time, also passes EN1500 & EN13731
  • Ideal in food handling & preparation areas
  • Unperfumed, will not taint the skin
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A quick acting and highly effective alcohol based hand sanitiser. It kills bacteria & viruses and rapidly evaporates from hands without leaving residue or odour. Its un-perfumed so suitable for wherever food is handled, prepared or served, It can also for use in between patient contact in non-surgical medical care establishments.
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Price £43.98
New Brand Jangro
Case Size 12x400ml Hand Sanitisers
Product Size 400ml
Pack Size 12x400ml
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