Searching For a Reputable Supplier of Enviro Friendly Cleaning Products?

Do you run a hospitality business and need environmentally friendly cleaning products? If the answer is yes, then Opulent is the leading choice. We can supply you with first-rate eco-friendly products that not only keep your workplace environment spotless and hygienic but also positively benefit the environment.

If you would like to reduce your firm’s overall environmental impact, then switching to a greener, more environmentally-safe product is definitely something you should consider. At Opulent, we have a vast array of suitable products for affordable prices - making protecting the environment extremely affordable. Take a look at our enviro-friendly cleaning products today by going to the Opulent website.

What Products do we Offer?

If you are trying to find enviro friendly cleaning products, then Opulent has a wide range of products in this area. From washroom and toilet cleaners to laundry care, floor cleaner and kitchen hygiene products, we offer a comprehensive range of eco-friendly products that decrease the impact you make on the environment.

One of the most popular products that we sell in this category is the Luxury Hand Wash by Jangro Enviro. This product is a luxury hand and body liquid soap that is specially designed for use in both domestic and hospitality settings. It boasts moisturizing properties that stop skin dryness, and it will keep hands perfectly clean and washed.

Another specialist product is the Washroom Bactericidal Cleaner by Jangro Enviro, which is a multi-purpose environmentally friendly washroom cleaner. It is ideal for use on toilets, baths, sinks and showers. With a subtle smelling fragrance, it will keep your washroom smelling fresh and clean.

Are you looking for an effective, economical and environmentally friendly floor cleaner for polished and sensitive flooring? Neutral Floor Cleaner by Jangro Enviro is the perfect choice for you. 1 sachet will make 10 litres of cleaner and is as powerful as the Enviro liquid alternative, so what are you waiting for, become an eco-warrior today.

Washing Up Liquid by Jangro Enviro is a general-purpose hand washing detergent. It is suitable for washing crockery, glassware, kitchen utensils plus a wide variety of general cleaning applications from floors to wall, to de-greasing, making it very versatile. As a highly concentrated formula for economy and reduced environmental impact, this non-biological high foaming detergent provides excellent grease removal and is perfect for both domestic and hospitality use.

To clean and disinfect the premises of hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants or homes, use Cleaner & Disinfectant Sachets by Jangro Enviro. Just put one sachet in 10 litres of water and you will have a glass and disinfecting cleaner as powerful as the liquid alternative. Made with biodegradable and Phosphate free ingredients, it is a QAC based cleaner disinfectant that contains deodoriser and perfume designed for cleaning and sanitising.

Need an all-purpose antibacterial cleaning cloth? Z Cloth Roll by Envirolight is a semi-disposable general purpose cleaning cloth with very good wet and dry strength. It is ideal for conforming to food and hygiene safety standards, as well as using the colour coded cloths to help staff. With approximately 50 sheets per roll, it can be washed up to 15 times whilst retaining antibacterial properties.

Buy the super Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner Sachets for Trigger Sprayer by Jangro Enviro today. Not a lot is more eco-friendly than these sachets and 1 sachet makes a 600ml spray bottle of powerful glass cleaner.

If you are not satisfied with your laundry detergent, try Powdered Laundry Capsules by Jangro Enviro. This is a non-biological main wash detergent suitable for sensitive skin and it has outstanding washing and cleaning ability at all temperatures in hard or soft water.

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Reasons to Purchase from Opulent

Opulent offers free delivery on all orders over £65 excluding VAT. We aim to dispatch the majority of our orders within the same day, and our objective is to deliver goods the next working day within London. Our team prides itself on providing first-class customer service and experience to all our customers.

What’s more, when you buy from Opulent, you can be certain that your order is in safe hands as we provide a secure checkout service. Additionally, our prices are highly competitive and represent fantastic value for money. To discover our enviro friendly cleaning products, head to the Opulent site today.

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