Business Account / B2B Customers Business Benefits:

Bespoke/ Customized services

We offer bespoke or customize services to Our B2B customers mean our sales team will collect any company's specific requirement and the name of their current suppliers of the products and offer the same brand product at better prices/quote than their current sources. We can also record our customers’ monthly requirement in our office database and can deliver the goods on the same day of each month with invoice to avoid our customer's hashes and wasting time to order their regular items. Our sales team will contact them every month in an agreed date to add or deduct any product/item from the monthly set requirements.

Reasons for opening an opulentcollection.co.uk business account

  • We Arranged the Product on request for our B2B customers that are not available in our website.
  • They can enjoy extra discount on bulk buying and great deals on office equipment and supplies that we only offer to our business customers.
  • With a credit account we make the purchase even easier for our reliable customers who wanting to spend over £300.00 a month on supplies, subject to credit check.
  • 30 days net payment terms to gives our business customer the financial flexibility
  • A reliable, dedicated and fully tracked delivery service to minimize our customer’s stress and save time. - Completely professional customer service team and named account manager who are ready to help you in every stage, from placing an order to deliver the item successfully.- And finally we try to offer best price and high quality of products to our valued customers.Register here today - it only takes a few moments and start enjoying the all the benefits that we offer to our business customers.

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