Foam Scourer - Abrasive - Yellow & Green - 15cm (6")

Package size : 1x10
  • Length: 15cm (6") - Width: 9.5cm (3.7")
  • Highly effective sponge mounted scourer
  • The sponge is oblong and easy to grip
  • Excellent cleaning qualities
  • Perfect for trade and domestic use
£2.54 £3.05
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For general purpose cleaning and wiping. These feature a sponge with a scourer bonded on one side. 150 x 95 x 32mm. 10 per pack

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More Information
Price £2.54
New Brand Jangro
Colour Green - Yellow
Material Plastic
Case Size 1x10 Scouring Pads
Product Size 5x9.5cm (6x3.7")
Pack Size 1x10
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