General All Purpose Sanitiser - Jangro Enviro - H6 - 1L

Package size : Single
  • Concentrated formula general purpose santiser
  • Highly effective 30 second contact time
  • Eco-friendly formula has less impact on the environment
  • Passes EN1276
  • Ideal for the hospitality industry and domestic use
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This is a concentrated, eco-friendly, general purpose surface sanitiser for use wherever there is a dirty surface that needs to be sterile. The contact time is just 30 seconds so you can be back using the newly cleaned surface quickly and being concentrated, a one litre bottle goes a long way. Dilute at 1:100 for normal jobs or 1:60 where heavy soiling is present.
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Price £15.61
New Brand Jangro
Range Enviro
Case Size Single Cleaner & Sanitiser
Product Size 1 Litre
Pack Size Single
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