Griddle Cleaning Screen - Jangro - Brown - 14cm (5.5")

Package size : 1x10
  • Length: 14cm (5.5") - Width: 10cm (4")
  • For use with Jangro - Griddle Cleaning Pad - Holder code HL063
  • For light cleaning and shining
  • Makes griddle cleaning easy, fast and effortless
  • Prolongs the life of the griddle
£1.57 £1.88
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A disposable griddle cleaner that removes burnt-on food and grease quickly and efficiently. Ideal for cleaning heavy-duty debris from griddles at high temperatures.You need to buy Griddle Holder (Blue) Single (HL063 and Griddle Pads, Black(HL064) separately to use with this Prodect. Or To get a complete set (Griddle cleaning system) see product code HL063-64-67.

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More Information
Price £1.57
New Brand Jangro
Colour Brown
Case Size 1x10 Griddle Cleanings
Product Size 14x10cm (5.5x4")
Pack Size 1x10
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