Neutral Floor Cleaner Sachets - Jangro Enviro - 150 Sachets

Package size : 1x150 Sachets
  • A floor cleaner for polished and sensitive flooring
  • 1 sachet makes 10 litres of powerful floor cleaner
  • As effective as the liquid alternative
  • Packaging is over 99% lighter than liquid saving transport costs
  • Effective, economical and environmentally friendly, what more can one ask
; COSHH Safety Data Sheet download ; Product Usage Guide download
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Not a lot is more eco-friendly than these sachets. Made with biodegradable and Phosphate free ingredients they are also over 99% lighter in packaging than the equivalent in liquid alternatives. One sachet will make 10 litres of cleaner just as powerful as the Enviro liquid alternative, so what are you waiting for, become an eco-warrior today!
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Price £23.91
New Brand Jangro
Range Enviro
Case Size 1x150 Sachets Floor Cleaners
Product Size 150 Sachets
Pack Size 1x150 Sachets
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