Powdered Laundry Capsules - Non Bio - Jangro Enviro - 50 Washes

Package size : 1x50 Wash
  • A non biological main wash detergent suitable for sensitive skin
  • Outstanding washing and cleaning ability at all temperatures in hard or soft water
  • Just one capsule should do to leave clothes smelling fresh and clean
  • Pre-measured quantities prevent overdosing
  • Designed for industrial use but still fine for the home
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Because capsules are premeasured they help prevent overdosing. With capsules it is easy to use the right dose in each wash which is not only kinder to the environment but will save you unnecessary detergent and money too plus they give outstanding results in cold water.
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Price £15.61
New Brand Jangro
Range Enviro
Case Size 1x50 Wash Non Bio Detergents
Product Size 50 Washes
Pack Size 1x50 Wash
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